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PSCC Meetings are held at North Seattle College, (NSC) 7:30pm, on the third Friday of the month, in the Library Building, Lower large Concert Hall, Room #LB1142 (large performing arts room on the ground floor). Park in the West lot. Show up between 7:15 and 7:30 and just follow the people in. Your $5 donation at the door helps cover our room rent. Guests are welcome at all PSCC meetings and raft-ups.

PSCC Cruises are usually the weekend following the meeting, the fourth Saturday and Sunday of the month. Boats flying the club burgee generally raft up or occasionally dock in the early afternoon. We often end up having appetizers and drinks in someone's cockpit, or arrange a casual potluck meal on Saturday night and Sunday brunch. Please download the Raft-Up Tips.pdf. Members occasionally arrive by ferry or car and are dinghy'd to the raft. If you want to join the raft-up, but can't sail there, please be sure to contact someone for a lift! We are often out cruising, and hope to see you on the water. . .


PSCC Meeting December 15th, Friday 7:30pm at NSC
Alan on CORPS OF DISCOVERY   Rudder shot  Peter Schrappen
Bottom Paint Update by Alan Johnson and Peter Schrappen

Results of a copper-free bottom-paint test and an update on the upcoming law banning copper-based paints. Under current law, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, copper-based bottom paints will no longer be available in Washington state for recreational boats under 60' in length. Two years ago current PSCC Commodore, Alan Johnson, researched copper-free bottom paint. Finding no reliable information about the efficacy of copper-free paint in NW waters, he had half his hull painted with copper-based paint, half with copper-free. At the PSCC meeting at 7:30pm on Dec. 15th, he will share pictures, videos and accounts of the state of growth on his hull over the last two years. At the same meeting, Peter Schrappen, VP of the Northwest Marine Trade Association, will share insights into how the marine trade industry is dealing with the impending change in law, whether any changes or postponements are in the works and he will answer questions about the law and how it will impact the quality of the NW marine environment.

December 30th or 31st in Blakely Harbor
New Years Raft-up   fireworks   dinghy seattle  
Join us for a "New Years Eve" cruise to Blakely Harbor!

Weather or schedules may determine if you can make it Saturday or Sunday, so you are always welcome.
A PSCC tradition, this is always a fun way to start the new year off - sailing! Some times there's even fireworks, and you know there will be a potluck meal or two at the raft-up.

PSCC Meeting January 19, 2018   Friday 7:30pm at NSC
Brion Toss   Columbia  Riggers Apprentice Bookcover
Start the new year right!   Puget Sound Cruising Club presents rigger and author Brion Toss.
Brion will share a slide show on his recently completed project, re-rigging the 18th century replica ship s/v Columbia (Disneyland). In addition to his presentation on 1700's rigging, Brion will talk about new synthetic rigging options, including the newly available 3-strand, Vectran-cored rope. Brion is the author of of the "The Rigger's Apprentice," a well-known and entertaining guide to rigging.

No January Cruise Planned - We'll see you at the Seattle Boat Show!
Jan. 26 to Feb.3, 2018, at CenturyLink Field Event Center, South Lake Union, and Bell Harbor

boatshow ad  Book Cover sailing with Impunity   Riggers Apprentice Bookcover  Hulsizer-GBTcover  Hinman-SeaTrials cover  ChuckandLaura
You will likely see PSCC cruisers shopping at the Fisheries booth, a PSCC supporter, and many of the boatshow speakers have given talks to the cruising club. You will find their books at the show, if you missed them at a meeting. Sometimes we even see cruising friends down from Alaska.

PSCC Meeting February 16, 2018   Friday 7:30pm at NSC
Linda and powerboat   at Sawyer  women charting
"Couples Sharing the Boat Handling - Tips for Making it Work" by Linda Lewis

Lots of things can fall apart between people, when stress boards the boat. Just the word 'docking' conjures up what we're talking about. Anchoring, deciding how to handle a traffic situation, trying to make a weather decision ... they're all on the stress list too. But they don't have to be. Creating and following set procedures that work on your boat and devising good communications mechanisms can make all the difference. Capt. Linda Lewis has helped hundreds of couples become a confident team. She has LOTS of real-life tips.

2017 Cruise Schedule
Elsie has put together the results of the November planning meeting, and here's the early schedule for 2017. Download: 2017CruiseSchedule.pdf
Save those dates and join us for some fine trips!