Traditionally PSCC cruisers headed to Alaska or BC, have left by the Forth of July, and others are planning trips to the South Sound or San Juan Islands.  Watch the email list for updates.

Labor Day Cruise to Penrose State Park September 5 to 7
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Mayo Penrose Aireal
Lakebay rainbow

PSCC always plans at least one trip deep into the South Sound, and checks the currents. South of the Tacoma Narrows, and up Carr Inlet, Penrose State Park is a choice destination. There's good anchoring, easy dinghy dock access, shaded hiking trails, and an interesting spit to explore at low tide. Most folks will try to find space to anchor in Mayo Cove on the West side of Penrose Point and the spit. Don't try to cut the corner at high tide, or you may find the glacial erratic boulders on the spit with your boat. This is a State Park with car access, so maybe we can meet up at the beach. Trip Leader info to follow. Here's a few more pics from a 2012 cruise.

Steve w/ food
beach group
Penrose trails
Dinghy dock
September 26 /27, 2020 A PSCC Traditional Tequila Race
Scott & Donna on Celestial return
Yare be the winners
Meals together, back when we could!

The Tequila Race is always a fun one, and the Blakely Harbor raft-ups have often brought in boats sailing back from Hawaii and Alaska. Historically, this race is the most hysterical... While the race course has to follow Coast Guard safety rules regarding the crossing of shipping lanes, race instructions usually note safe approach distance for marine mammals, Orca and submarines. Always educational, the course may be changed after the start. The winner is selected by a cruising committee, which rates boats not entirely by their finish times. Proper attention to your boats safety requirements, amenities, and math skills in completing your ships docket, along with bribes, may help narrow the winning selections for the judges. The Tequila Race winner, will have his/her name and boat name duly engraved upon the suitable trophy, and is required to pour for the fleet - likely spread out in dinghys this year instead of rafted together. More info coming soon.

Trip Planing for 2020

Things are different this year! Cruisers often say "Plans are made in the sand at low tide. . ."
Download the PSCC 2020 Cruising Calendar.pdf, plan your next cruise, and join us.
We hope to see you on the water. . .

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