PSCC New Years Eve Cruise to Blakely Harbor

The PSCC December cruise is to Blakely Harbor for New Years Eve. The trip is 7.3 NM from Shilshole. Dana on S/V Rubigale is cruise leader and will probably arrive Sat Dec 30 to stake our claim on the anchorage.

Photo Copyright Lee Youngblood, 2018.

The Basics

Arrive December 31 before dark and plan to anchor-raft up with the group. If you have a dinghy with a decent sized motor that could be helpful for getting people into position/dinghying out anchors. I would prefer that we have an anchor out for every 2 boats in the raft in opposite directions to prevent swing and crossing anchors.

  • The anchorage is mostly 25-35’ in depth. Low tide is 1:39am Jan 1 at 0.61 ft and a corresponding high at 9:02am at 12.14 ft.
  • Plan on hors d’oevres and visiting just before sunset which is 4:29:05pm, then back to your own boat for dinner.
  • 7:30p games are available or just mingling if you prefer. I have Cards Against Humanity, Trivial Pursuit, Uno, Phase 10, Mexican Train (dominoes) and Yahtzee for multiplayer and assorted 2 player games as well.
  • Midnight- watch Seattle fireworks and toast to 2024!
  • On Jan 1 plan on breaking the raft at noon which leaves plenty of time to get home before dark.

Please let Dana know (her email is on the PSCC email list message) if you plan to attend, how many people, your length, and if you can be an anchor boat. Please put out fenders and have lines ready on both sides.

We’ll be monitoring channel 72.


Photos from the successful cruise!: