PSCC Memorial Day Cruise to Mystery Bay

This will be a joint cruising event with Sloop Tavern Yacht Club (STYC) and Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (CYC) from May 27 – 29 to go to Mystery Bay State Park on Marrowstone Island. A few years ago, we did this with CYC Seattle. This year we will have three great clubs participating.

Some of the organized activities for this event are:

  • Saturday, May 27: evening welcome happy hour
  • Sunday, May 28:
    • Mystery Bay Goat farm tour
    • Nordland tractor parade
    • Marrowstone winery tour (transportation help needed)
    • Human powered craft race (tender, paddle board, kayak, canoe –
      almost anything without a sail or a motor is fair game). There may be
      prizes for the race.
    • Potluck BBQ
  • Monday, May 29: open / departure day.

All boats can anchor and/or raft up or use a state park buoy. It is also possible to drive over for this event. We are looking for 1-2 vehicles to help with winery transport.

Friday night option Port Ludlow.

Please fly your PSCC burgee. If you are in more than one club, fly all your burgees. Please monitor VHF 69 for the cruise.

Cruise leader for this cruise is SV Bardo. If you have any questions, please contact Greg
via the PSCC contact form. Also, if you plan to go on this cruise, please let me know
via the contact form.

PSCC April Cruise – 37th Annual Bainbridge Circumlocution

Here are details for next weekend’s 37th annual Circumlocution of Bainbridge Island race and raftup (April 29 – 30).

Race from West Point to Liberty Bay. Choose the northern route or the southern route. After crossing under the finish line (the power lines entering Liberty Bay), we’ll raft up in the Northeast of Liberty Bay. As always the trophy goes to the SECOND PLACE. See this year’s hilarious race rules written by Steve Hulsizer below. Thank you Steve!

Too many barnacles slowing you down? No problem! There’s always the Perseverance Award. The Perseverance Trophy is awarded to the boat that just won’t give up. You might miss the Horrors D’Hoover competition, but at least you persevered!

Finally, after the race, we’ll hold the much anticipated Horrors D’Hoover competition. Yes, bring your best horderves and you’ll be immortalized on the club Horrors D’Hoover Trophy!

Below are some pictures from last year’s cruise and this year’s race rules by Steve:


PSCC Cruise to Brownsville (Mar 31 – Apr 2)

The March cruise is to Brownsville Marina the weekend of Mar 31 – Apr 2 (moved back a week from original calendar due to marina availability).  Charlie O’Hern on SV Tangent is cruise leader and has reserved 6 slips so there should be plenty of room for everyone who is able to come. The guest moorage rate is $1.50/ft plus $4.00/day for power.

Although there is a good deli at the marina, Brownsville does not have a town with restaurants so we will be on our own for meals.  There is an activity shelter where we can have a potluck dinner on Saturday evening and perhaps a followup brunch Sunday morning.

On this weekend the ebb tides are in the afternoon, so to arrive via Rich Passage or Agate Pass the currents are most favorable around noon.


PSCC February Cruise to Port Orchard

The February cruise will be to Port Orchard marina on February 25-26.

Scott and Donna (SV Celestial) are cruise leaders. Some notes from Scott: It looks like a very easy entrance and tie-up with picnic tables and a covered gathering pavilion right next to our boats. We are planning 5pm dinner at Brick House, 2 blocks away and potluck Sunday breakfast.

Please let Gabbie Garland at the marina know if you are coming (360-876-5535). The cost is $40 nightly for 40 ft and $1 a foot beyond 40 ft. If it is last minute, just come, as there lots of empty spaces right where we all will be and the marina is ok with tying up and then checking in.

Marina entrance 47° 32′ 40.212″ N 122° 38′ 22.158″ W

New Year’s Cruise to Blakely Harbor

The New Years Eve cruise to Blakely Harbor will be taking place this Saturday December 31 at Blakely Harbor (Bainbridge Island).

Shez and Michel aboard SV Red Hot will be there and any other boats arriving can use VHF 69 to communicate or contact Shez by email or phone in advance.

PSCC October Pumpkin Cruise to Port Madison

Join the Puget Sound Cruising Club for our October Pumpkin Cruise to Port Madison, October 29th and 30th.

We’ll raft up in Port Madison Saturday afternoon, then dinghy to the Port Madison Yacht Club for pumpkin carving and a potluck dinner. Bring your pumpkin and tools if you have them. If you can’t make the raft up, consider driving over for the pumpkin carving and potluck. We’d love to see you there! Directions here.

Members of the PMYC are invited to join as well. The plan is to start carving pumpkins at 4:30pm-ish and start dinner prep around 5:30pm-ish.

Sunday morning, Mike and Nita have graciously offered to host a potluck breakfast at their house again this year. We’ll walk a short distance to their house from the PMYC dock and arrive at 9:30am.

Monitor VHF Channel 69. First to arrive, put your hook down, fenders out, and fly your burgee.


2022 Annual PSCC Tequila Race And Raft-Up In Blakely Harbor

PSCC presents the annual Tequila Race on Saturday September 24th. The race starts between 9am and 11:30am-ish at West Point buoy. The course continues south for a circumnavigation of Blake Island. See the Tequila Race Rules 2022 (PDF) and check the PSCC email list for details and questions.

Following the race, there will be a raft-up in Blakely Harbor with a potluck dinner and award ceremony Saturday evening. Weather is looking fairly decent so far.  Good luck!

April Cruise: 36th Circumlocution of Bainbridge Island


The April club cruise will be the traditional circumlocution of Bainbridge Island with boats anchoring afterwards north of Lemolo (east side of Liberty Bay). Steve and Elsie on S/V Osprey will be cruise leaders. Please monitor VHF channel 69 for club communications.

  • Dates: Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24, 2022

Race Rules:

  1. The Office of Circumlocution is proud to present The OPENING DEBATES of the
    36th CIRCUMLOCUTION at 1000 hours, 23 April, 2022, on a line true west from
    the West Point lighthouse and east of the VTS lanes. The debates will be argued
    initially upwind from this line, then the Masters of vessels who have mangled the
    administration of issues may choose to sail either north or south. Boats heading
    north must leave the “SF” buoy on the far left as described below in Para 11, before
    heading to Agate Pass, and shall be prepared to discuss the possible effects of global
    warming. Boats heading south around Bainbridge Island have no marks and leave
    no traces. The determination of the most clueless administrators will be made under
    the power lines just past Keyport Naval Station and Underwater Weapons Research
  2. There will be three Platforms for Debate. 1) Smaller craft and gray double-enders
    under 38 feet LOA (former Trump Cabinet members who were or are subpoenaed).
    2) Half-fast, in mid-size craft (former administrators hoping to live in obscurity). 3)
    Larger and/or those who think they are really fast (former Cabinet members who
    claim the Biden administrators stole their cushy jobs).
  3. The first platform will start at 1000, the second at 1015, and the third at 1030.
    Boats with more than one hull must wait 15 additional minutes for each additional
    hull. Please monitor VHF channel 69 for any club communication.
  4. The Debates will be monitored by former Secretary of State Pompous Pompeo, who
    will come out of silent obscurity to sound a single long horn blast at each plank
    laying session except for the multiple hull boats. Protests must be registered in
    advance the night before with prospective Supreme Court Justice Brown Jackson.
  5. Those vessels who have earned 2nd place in the past five years are not eligible for
    2nd place. They may, in the enduring tradition of politicians worldwide, obfuscate
    the discussion by coming in First, i.e., ahead of 2nd place.
  6. The following are frowned upon and are grounds for public scorn:
    Failing to have at least one sail up starting and finishing.
    Use of internal combustion engine(s).
    Failing to sail the entire course on your bottom in your bottom.
    Failing to navigate the entire selected course.
    Failing to display a PSCC burgee.
  7. The HIGHEST and MOST VALUED Award will be given for SECOND PLACE.
    First across will be nominated for Commodore for the 2022-2023 year.
  8. An award will be given for the BEST HORROR D’HOOVER. Judgment will be by
    secret negotiations in the Raft-up described below.
  9. An award will be given for PERSEVERANCE. To qualify the vessel must cross the
    Finish Line prior to 0001 hours on 24 April, 2022.
  10. The Nominating Convention will be a Raft-up for all boats north of Lemolo.
    Powerboats with dance floors are encouraged to attend. The Raft-up will be the base
    of the HORRORS D’HOOVER Contest and the Awards Ceremonies.
  11. As always, good candidates never travel in the middle of the nautical road. Cross
    the middle of the nautical road quickly. See DBT COMDTINST M16672.2 Rule 10
    (c). With regard to Buoy SF, you must stay east of the traffic lane until Buoy SF is
    past your beam before crossing to the west side. Chart plotters will be audited. Do
    not impede or force a WSF ferry or other large or government vessels in Rich
    Passage (considered a narrow channel) to stop or change course. Doing so will
    create hate and discontent amongst those who would rather see sailboats removed
    from local marine waters. See DBT COMDTINST M16672.2 Rule 9.
  12. As directed by the DBT, in accordance with dicta from the Lesser State of
    Washington, debaters must stay at least 400 yards ahead or behind, or 300 yards
    beam of any Southern Resident Orca (SRO). You may approach Transient Orcas
    (TO) within 100 yards (90 meters). If there is any doubt about whether the Orca is a
    SRO as opposed to a TO, it is suggested that you examine their breath, as TOs are
    mammal eaters as opposed to salmon eating SROs and therefore will not smell fishy.
  13. As required by the censorious Vice Admiral, the Office of Circumlocution points out
    that the last two items are to be taken seriously. Admiral Jack Tar has meowed his
    assent. The Bilge Rat stands censored.

PSCC February Club Cruise to Port Orchard Marina – Saturday February 26

For our February cruise we will go to Port Orchard Marina. We have slips reserved for the group – each boat is responsible for paying guest moorage. Happy hour social @ 5pm-ish. Friday night option (for boats that wish to anchor out the night before) is Blakely Harbor.

Cruise leaders will be Steve and Elsie on Osprey. Please remember to fly your burgee and monitor VHF 69.

  • When: February 26, 2022
  • Where: Port Orchard, WA

PSCC November cruise – November 27/28 – Brownsville

This month the club will cruise to Brownsville. Brownsville is a quiet marina where slips are easy to come by. There is a shelter area and fire pit which is first come/first serve.

Remember on club cruises, please fly your burgee and monitor VHF 69.

If you are interested in being cruise leader, please e-mail Greg.

  • When: November 27-28, 2021
  • Where: Brownville WA